I'm fortunate enough to be asked to host panels or speak at events, covering anything from technical subjects to wider topics such as mental health. I also host and run the Hey! Presents events and the All Day Hey! conference, and co-host a podcast called Off Script with my friend James.


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Josh is a Software Consultant & Conference Organiser with over 15 years of experience working on the web. He works with clients to build better software by improving engineering culture through things like mentoring and workshops. He's comfortable running entire software teams as a VP of Engineering, through to working as a Software Consultant to deliver massive projects in the best way possible.

Working with people in this way prompted him to start the Hey! Presents events and the All Day Hey! conference. These events are designed to empower and educate people, not just about technology but essential topics like defining culture and how to look after your mental health, issues often overlooked in an industry that's moving at a thousand miles an hour.


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