Nice words

Over the years, I’ve worked with some absolutely amazing people. Here is a collection of nice things people have said about my work.

I only had the chance to work with Josh for a relatively short amount of time, but in that time he showed that he was a visionary leader who empowered people to affect change.

The way Josh articulated his vision for the company and his style of leadership were a significant reason for me joining Logically. He was able to set out clear objectives for technology and then he’d back his team to implement them, giving guidance and support where needed but also autonomy.

Josh was able to identify which areas of the business required structural changes or new talent, and was never afraid to implement the changes required. I would love the opportunity to work with Josh again in the future, as I’m sure would the rest of his team.

Will Marshall, Engineering Manager at Logically

I worked with Josh for around 18 months, which included re-platforming some of the busiest websites in the UK, and handling a high pressure and very public acquisition. What struck me initially about Josh was how good he is at building relationships and understanding with stakeholders, by bringing a calm, senior presence to any situation. From a technical perspective, his encyclopaedic knowledge enables him to articulate a clear technical strategy, then lead the delivery from the front while getting buy-in from the engineering team. On top of all this, he’s a genuinely humble and likeable character. I very much hope to work with Josh again one day.

Dave Mason, Head of Software Engineering at LADbible Group

Josh brought me in at Logically to help transform and mature Logically’s engineering pratices to continue to improve their world-class platform. Josh was one of the main reasons I decided to take up the opportunity. He has a keen enthusiasm for aligning people and technology to build quality products.

Josh is passionate about doing things in the right way and that’s apparent in everything he does. He genuinely cares about seeing well architected and engineered solutions and practices implemented in the right way but never at the expense of the people he works with or has a duty towards. His attention to empowerment within teams and creating a psychologically safe environment for people around him to thrive has been proven time and time again in the short time that we have worked together.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Josh to any of my network and I truly hope I get to work with him again in the future. There are things I have learned from him that will become common practice in my own work for a long time to come.

Tim Hockham, Agile Engineering Manager at Logically

Josh brought me into Covea, but more accurately, I joined Covea because I was inspired by Josh’s vision for engineering, and how we can augment and re-vitalise a traditional insurance business.

Once I began working with Josh, I saw that not only was he gifted technically but he really valued and supported the inter-personal side of engineering too, giving teams the space to talk openly and supporting and mentoring their growth.

In summary, Josh is an inspirational technical leader and I would jump at the chance to work with him again.

Matt Curtis, Head of Data at Covéa Insurance

I’ve really enjoyed working with Josh during his time at Logically. I’ve never met someone with such a natural, easy talent for leading. He’s incredibly driven to enact positive change and thrives off helping to develop and coach his team and colleagues. Josh is an excellent communicator, actively listening with empathy and professionalism and he’s always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that relationships are built on a foundation of trust and collaboration.

In addition to his impressive technical skills, Josh is a true team player who is always willing to lend a helping hand and has an innate ability to motivate those around him.

Charlotte McAndrew, Head of Product Operations at Logically

All Day Hey! is one of those rare conferences where the line-up is always top-notch, the attendees are really engaged and finally, it’s expertly organised right down to the smallest detail. I’m so privileged to have had the best experience as a speaker there.

Andy Bell, Creative Director at Set Studio

I had never been to All Day Hey! or even spoken at a conference when Josh reached out to me earlier in 2022. Getting involved is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Josh’s support and patience throughout the whole process were top-notch. You can tell Josh really cares about what he does and wants to provide the best experience for everyone. Not only did he put on a fantastic event, but it’s all the little details too — the curation of talks, venue, and the general energy set this event apart.

Jhey Tompkins, Developer Relations at Google

Having agreed it was time to move Lead Tech’s Data Science services into a cloud platform we approached Josh to make it happen. Having known Josh for a number of years, I knew we’d not only benefit from his significant experience and expertise, but we’d also get a system that was right for us. Rather than over-engineering what could have been a complex approach, Josh was able to tell us exactly what we did and didn’t need.

Not only was the work completed on time, but the support and training he provided to the team has been brilliant - ensuring we know exactly how to get the most out of our solution. Josh is super friendly, helpful, patient, and has really made a difference to our team in a short time. I would, and do recommend him to other companies, and I’m sure we’ll work together again (and again).

Mark Barratt, Head of Data at Lead Technologies

Josh came into LADbible first and foremost to keep me sane, though he might not have realised that at the time. I knew he could sort the technicals out and, of course, he did that without breaking a sweat. What I really needed after moving from a 25,000 employee corporate to a 180 person new media company was a sounding board to ensure that my reasoning and decision making was sound. We share a vision of culture and environment for technical excellence. I knew that I could trust him to help me build a new team that would work together and create a platform fit for the scale.

Mark Kitching, Head of Technology at LADbible Group

All Day Hey! blew my socks off, a more spirited and engaging day than I thought possible for a digital event. I think every attendee, speaker, and organiser logged off reluctantly, with a buzzing brain and a warmed heart.

Charlotte Dann, Designer, Developer and Maker at Hexatope speaking of All Day Hey!

Having worked with Josh on many projects over the years, I could not recommend Josh highly enough. It’s clear he has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience, and he brings that to any challenge thrown at him. He’s a strong individual contributor, an excellent leader. He is very much a crucial part any team he’s a part of. Given the opportunity to work with Josh again, I would do so immediately.

Luke Barratt, Contract Software Engineer at Typeclass

I’m not sure how the All Day Hey! team managed to make an online space feel so convivial and welcoming, but they absolutely nailed it! Highly recommend to anyone who wants a day of good vibes and a brain buzzing with new knowledge.

Cassie Evans, Lead bestower of animation superpowers at GreenSock speaking of All Day Hey!

I started working with Josh over 5 years ago. Since then he’s helped us grow an embryonic idea into a platform supporting 250,000 users with a global reach. Josh never hogs the limelight, but rather creates the right environment and brings in the right people for projects to flourish. We’ve worked with some of the brightest and best minds in the business because of the introductions Josh has made and this is all testament to his commitment to the industry and individuals. This is also shown through his work to develop Hey! Presents and support upcoming talent. Our team is better equipped and more knowledgable because of the investment Josh has made and the opportunities he has opened up for us. He also brings expert technical knowledge and an open mind to explore new ways to solve complex problems.

Chris Witham, Digital Development Lead at NHS Leadership Academy

I’ve spoken at several conferences in the past few years, and this is one of the most well organised, well-communicated ones I’ve participated in. From the very first intro email all the way through to the end, everything was super clear, and clearly, all aspects had been thought about.

Eli Schutze, Web Engineer at Monzo speaking of All Day Hey!

Josh was part of my team for 18 months, in which time he repeatedly delivered incredible value. From exceptional technical skills to outstanding contributions to cultural change across many teams of developers, and excellent skills coaching other developers and helping them on a journey to a more collaborative way of working. Josh is a reliable and exceptional member of any team - he repeatedly made my life easier. I learned a lot from him along the way. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second given a chance to work with him again.

Josh Lynas, Agile Coach at AND Digital

Every time I work with Josh, I learn something new. He’s passionate about what he does and that comes across in his keen attention to detail. He’s also a solid part of my network someone to turn to for advice, help and support.

Hannah Hosanee, Marketing Consultant at Consume Comms