All Day Hey!

Following on from the success of the regular Hey! mini-conferences, I run All Day Hey! conference along with Harry Roberts. All Day Hey! is:

An affordable full-day conference for designers & front-end developers based in the heart of Leeds featuring some of the industry’s finest minds.

Working alongside the Leeds International Festival, we curate conferences that embody the very best of web technologies and front-end development. Every year we hold the conference in a 250 seat state-of-the-art cinema, where we invite industry professionals from around the world to speak and inspire.

Launched in 2017, we premiered the conference with talks from Jeremy Keith, Alice Bartlett, Patrick Hamann, Katie Fenn, Ruth John and Alberta Soranzo. These covered a wide range of topics from how to optimise your web pages from the first meaningful paint, through to managing your mental wellbeing and what we leave behind (digitally) when we pass on. These topics are not always easy to digest, but they are important to discuss as a community.

2018 saw us welcome Rachel Andrew, Una Kravets, Ian Feather, Peter Gasston, Ashley Baxter and Jake Archibald. We covered topics like how to use CSS Grid and understanding a browser's Event Loop, along with more abstract questions such as "what is the Web without the browser?".

In 2019 we returned for our third year, welcoming Sarah Drasner, Tim Kadlec, Sharon Steed, Remy Sharp, Nadieh Bremer and Andrew Betts, focusing on the future of web animation, performance and how to bring more empathy into the workplace.

We've been incredibly fortunate to have Phil Hawksworth MC our conferences. Phil is a fantastic human being, and someone who has helped us curate and present a professional conference from day one. When Harry first reached out to Phil, he was nothing but positive towards what we were trying to achieve and more than happy to help. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the meal we bribed him with.

I'm very proud that the conference works hard to represent under-represented groups, with all our conferences offering a diverse set of talks from the best in the industry, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity and religion. This ethos extends that of Hey!, to provide an accessible space for anyone wanting to learn more about technology in a safe and comfortable environment.

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