NHSx Learning Platform


NHS (NHS Leadership Academy).


Digital Education (e-learning).

The home of health and care leadership development. Our curriculum of programmes, resources and activities bring world-class learning and development to NHS people and partners.


Complete architecture and build of a massive learning platform providing leadership learning material to the entire NHS. Designed to cater to everyone — from a nurse wanting to increase their confidence to an executive wishing to lead a team better — anyone can enrol and consume content on the platform. The platform delivers a learning experience enhanced by modern technologies to ensure the participant can focus on exploring programmes and widening their skillset.

I started working with Josh over 5 years ago. Since then he’s helped us grow an embryonic idea into a platform supporting 250,000 users with a global reach. Josh never hogs the limelight, but rather creates the right environment and brings in the right people for projects to flourish. We’ve worked with some of the brightest and best minds in the business because of the introductions Josh has made and this is all testament to his commitment to the industry and individuals. This is also shown through his work to develop Hey! Presents and support upcoming talent. Our team is better equipped and more knowledgable because of the investment Josh has made and the opportunities he has opened up for us. He also brings expert technical knowledge and an open mind to explore new ways to solve complex problems.

Chris Witham, Digital Development Lead at NHS Leadership Academy


  1. A central NHSx profile, providing an identity on the platform as well as an authentication gateway for third-party services to securely use data in their applications
  2. A custom package format (similar to SCORM) allowing the NHS Leadership Academy and KPMG to provide vast amounts of content in a streamlined manner
  3. An extensible programme engine meaning the Academy can add new features and functionality as new technologies become available
  4. A central chat environment where participants can discuss programmes and provide support to each other in real-time
  5. A submissions portal allowing participants to submit coursework for grading and feedback

The NHSx Initiative

The project name “NHSx” was later used for a different initiative covering the transformation of digital in health and social care. This was a completely separate project from the NHSx Learning Platform.

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