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Sky is Europe’s leading media and entertainment company. Across six countries our innovative products connect 23 million customers to the best apps, and all the entertainment, sports, news and arts they love, including our own award-winning original content.


A consultancy agreement that covered several projects, from architectural improvements on a core framework to the implementation of initiatives to improve development culture. One of the main projects within this arrangement was to evolve a comprehensive JavaScript framework created in React called Sky Pages, which runs a lot of customer-facing websites and applications. Technically, this involved helping developers use and maintain the core framework and deployments across the platform. A lot of time and care went into building an engineering culture of pride, stability and respect for everyone using the project.

Having worked with Josh on many projects over the years, I could not recommend Josh highly enough. It’s clear he has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience, and he brings that to any challenge thrown at him. He’s a strong individual contributor, an excellent leader. He is very much a crucial part any team he’s a part of. Given the opportunity to work with Josh again, I would do so immediately.

Luke Barratt, Contract Software Engineer at Typeclass


  1. Leading a team of developers to refactor a large codebase to bring more stability and conventions to an in-house framework
  2. Creation of a “tool belt” to ease getting up and running with Sky Pages. In essence, a command-line tool to run everyday tasks, diagnose issues and introduce new features
  3. Mentoring developers surrounding best practices, writing cleaner code and writing for performance and scale
  4. Running of a “Sky Pages Guild”, a regular meet up for developers to ask questions, champion ideas and decide on the future of the framework
  5. Delivery of a primer on the framework to the entire company covering the technical improvements as well as cultural achievements made by the whole team
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