NHSx Learning Platform


NHS (NHS Leadership Academy).


Complete architecture and build of a massive learning platform providing leadership learning material to the entire NHS. Designed to cater to everyone — from a nurse wanting to increase their confidence to an executive wishing to lead a team better — anyone can enrol and consume content on the platform. The platform delivers a learning experience enhanced by modern technologies to ensure the participant can focus on exploring programmes and widening their skillset.


  1. A central NHSx profile, providing an identity on the platform as well as an authentication gateway for third-party services to securely use data in their applications
  2. A custom package format (similar to SCORM) allowing the NHS Leadership Academy and KPMG to provide vast amounts of content in a streamlined manner
  3. An extensible programme engine meaning the Academy can add new features and functionality as new technologies become available
  4. A central chat environment where participants can discuss programmes and provide support to each other in real-time
  5. A submissions portal allowing participants to submit coursework for grading and feedback

The NHSx Initiative

The project name "NHSx" was later used for a different initiative covering the transformation of digital in health and social care. This was a completely separate project from the NHSx Learning Platform.

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