Working with Covéa Digital

· 2 min read

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be working with Covéa Digital for the next year, developing their engineering function as their Head of Engineering.

Towards the end of 2019 I was hosting a Hey! event at First Direct Arena as part of a larger event, the Leeds Digital Job Fair 5.0. While I was there, I ran into Phillipa Rickard who I used to work with at Sky a few years back. We got talking, and she mentioned that she’d moved to Covéa Digital and they were undergoing an extensive digital transformation.

Fast forward to the start of 2020; I joined the team to help with the transformation piece, working on a few initiatives to progress the engineering function there. Later in the year, an opportunity arose to significantly influence their engineering approach and support the wider business. After a conversation with Graeme Howard, their CTIO, it was clear we had a similar vision for how the engineering function should mature, and I accepted the role as Head of Engineering.

I’m proud to lead such a talented set of individuals to deliver an incredible engineering capability. A department of 180+ people focused on building the next generation of insurance products.

The insurance industry is changing, and we’re going to help redefine it. As the technology that can help shape this space becomes more affordable and accessible, I look forward to supporting Covéa Digital to build products that make people’s lives easier. Getting and using insurance, from claiming on a policy to making policy adjustments, should be a frictionless process and at the heart of that is a digital experience.