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Creation of a scalable data ingestion platform to allow Lead Technologies to innovate rapidly on data insights. This project involved moving a more manual data-driven system into the cloud to ensure the real-time availability of critical metrics in reports and dashboards.

Alongside the platform build, I worked with the team to ensure they could maintain and evolve the project by teaching them how a data platform functions and the fundamentals of the ETL (extract, transform, load) cycle. This project was a great example of how a small piece of consultancy work can completely change how a technology team works and innovates (in one of the most beautifully located offices in Otley, West Yorkshire).

Having agreed it was time to move Lead Tech’s Data Science services into a cloud platform we approached Josh to make it happen. Having known Josh for a number of years, I knew we’d not only benefit from his significant experience and expertise, but we’d also get a system that was right for us. Rather than over-engineering what could have been a complex approach, Josh was able to tell us exactly what we did and didn’t need.

Not only was the work completed on time, but the support and training he provided to the team has been brilliant - ensuring we know exactly how to get the most out of our solution. Josh is super friendly, helpful, patient, and has really made a difference to our team in a short time. I would, and do recommend him to other companies, and I’m sure we’ll work together again (and again).

Mark Barratt, Head of Data at Lead Technologies


  1. Creation of an ingestion platform utilising Google Cloud Platform and GitHub Actions
  2. Integration of third-party source data using
  3. Documentation of how to maintain an evergrowing data platform
  4. Workshops with the team to dig into the fundamentals of ETL and data preparation essentials
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