She Does Hey! 2019

This Thursday will hold the second collaboration between She Does Digital and Hey! at the home of Hey!, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen. We will be welcoming five industry experts to discuss their routes into Digital as part of a live panel.

Direct from the Meetup description:

She Does Digital and Hey! are hosting a panel talk to showcase less conventional pathways into digital and inspire people who are looking to take the plunge and discover the digital industry or other digital roles as a possible career change. We want to highlight that you don’t necessarily need to have any background in digital to get into the industry and that skills gained in other careers are transferable and applicable to those required in digital roles. We want to encourage people to think about Digital as an accessible industry and possible career option, no matter what their background.

I’m excited to be hosting this event alongside Rose Mountague. We’ll be discussing how a panel made up of a musician, a chef, an anthropologist, a photographer and a midwife all made the decision to delve into Digital. Expect honest opinions about what it takes to u-turn into a different industry and some of the challenges involved along the way. We’ll also be covering why now is the best time to be working in Digital, alongside some of the transferable skills that made that leap a little easier.

Things kick off at 7pm. Get tickets to the August edition of She Does Hey!.