Working with Logically

· 2 min read

I am happy to announce that I’m working with Logically as their VP of Engineering to help create technology to preserve the integrity of information online.

Internet users are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to interpreting the information they consume online. Massive misinformation and targeted disinformation campaigns cause widespread damage to online discourse. Identifying bad actors and inaccurate information is a considerable challenge, and I’m excited to be helping grow and mature a technology team on the frontline of this mission.

Back at the start of the year, I met with Joel, who I worked with a few years ago. He asked if I’d be interested in joining the company to help define the technology strategy and operations for how Logically needs to grow. Shortly before the company closed a Series A funding round, I joined after meeting Lyric Jain, the CEO and Founder of Logically. I was amazed by the company’s success in connection with government and private sector companies, and I was interested to learn more about how they remain ethical and drive change in an industry that is still very much being defined. I was impressed with Lyric’s vision and moral stance surrounding the solutions they were building, and after a few discussions, we agreed to work together.

As we’re learning from the war in Ukraine, COVID-19, and the elections in the US, valid and accurate information is more critical than ever. For people to make reasoned decisions, they need the correct information to hand. Working with Logically fits both my technology passion and my ethical values, and I’m excited to see where we can take it.