Ruby Workshops




A set of six-week workshops delivered to several cohorts of developers as part of their onboarding to Sky during their move from London to Leeds. It was essential to ensure those working with the Sky technology stack — which was mostly Ruby at the time — could contribute to and evolve projects as quickly as possible. Sky considered the workshops such a success that they had further workshops commissioned, and the materials of which are still used as part of onboarding new developers today.

Sky Office
Sky Office
Sky Office


  1. Creation of workshops centred around the Sky technology stack (Ruby, JavaScript, Heroku, Continuous Deployment/Integration)
  2. Delivery of an Open Source library of content, made available to the public for free under the Creative Commons licence
  3. One-to-one mentoring of topics and workshops to help those who were interested in digging deeper or in need of extra support
  4. Design and delivery of an assessment to ensure those leaving the "boot camp" period understood the topics and concepts introduced
  5. Integration of workshops with real projects, ensuring developers were quickly able to implement their knowledge by deploying code to production

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